The Sweetest Month

Rejoice all you sweet-toothed readers, June is National Candy month. There’s no better time to indulge to your cravings. Regardless of your preference, be it chocolate or, sour candies, treat yourself this month but make sure to do sensibility.

We thought it would be fun to do an office survey to see what candies were liked around Spivey Insurance. We found that our staff likes anything from Recess Cups (Chris Spivey), to Dove Raspberry Chocolate (Lindsay) and even skittles (Valerie). We also found that Milk Chocolate Goobers are a hit (Angie) and even Peanut Butter M&M’s (Jim) are an ideal afternoon treat. Jelly beans (Sandra) and starburst (Kristina) are like as well. Lastly, Sour Patch Kids (Jacob) are enjoyed by our youngest member on the Spivey team. As we found our office has very different preferences… what’s your work place favorite candies?

Again, enjoy your favorite candies, but in moderation. Here are some tips to keep the office a little sweeter but also keeping everyone as healthy as possible!

1. Walk It.

Offer a bowl of candy, but keep it out of your arm’s reach. You want to at least make yourself get up out of the chair if you plan on eating it yourself.

2. Plan It.

Consider some sugar-free candy options for visitors that can’t have sugar.

3. Season It.

Get candy that fits the season or holiday.

4. Like It.

Choose candy that people actually like. Remember the disappointment when dumping out your Halloween bag and finding “yucky” candy? If your candy bowl has been full, without refill, for over a month, you chose poorly.



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