Rental Car Insurance Coverage

As summer is approaching and schools are being closed, it is the perfect time to plan that much needed family get away. With so many great places to travel to it can be difficult in planning where to go. In some cases, those vacations call for a rental car. We’ve all been there at the counter of a rental car place dealing with the stress and hassle of renting a car. Especially after being in a busy airport filled with chaos, the last thing you want to worry about is renting a car. One of the first things a rental car company will ask is, do you want to purchase insurance for the car? Most of us would say, yes of course. When we think about driving, insurance is a necessity. What rental companies want tell you is that the extra coverage may not be needed and it could end up doubling the price you pay.

You are covered by your auto policy to a certain degree. Rental cars are used as a “Temporary Substitute” from your own car. Comprehensive and collision will pay for fixing the rental car if you get into accident. If your insurance provider states the damage caused is a certain amount and the rental car company quotes a higher amount, then you are responsible for the difference. If you aren’t covered by your existing insurance policy you may be covered by your credit card.

It is important to remember that if you severely damage or total a brand new rental car, your own insurance provider will not pay for certain damages nor will they pay for a rental car in place of the rental car. Before you decide to rent a car for that family vacation this summer, double check with your insurance agent to see what is covered and what isn’t.

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