How Safe is Your Smartphone?

It is amazing to see how far technology has come in such a short period of time. Today it seems that we cannot live without our cell phones. The emotional attachment we have to our smartphones is unreal. We begin to panic and feel lost if it is not with us at all times. Smart phones are a powerful tool that can store our entire life on such a small device. Who needs a computer anymore when there are smart phones that do the same things? Just like computers thieves can easily hack into cell phones. Society craves the latest smart phone like the IPhone 6 and the Samsung Note 4.

Many of us do online banking and shopping on our smartphones. Any apps that you download need to be verified as safe. An app will ask permission to have access to different things. Make sure you read those very carefully. Put passwords on all accounts to add that extra security measure. We all love Wi-Fi because running over that data limit can be expensive. Use only secured Wi-Fi networks or it makes it very easy for hackers to steal your information. It only takes a few seconds for an experienced hacker to break into your cell phone. Avoid opening unprotected or unknown files, especially through email. Our smart phones are filled with personal information. It has become so convenient to do everything online, especially on our smart phones. Be very cautious of what activity you do on your cell phone.

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