Safe Driving Tips for Halloween

Witches fly on their broomsticks and ghosts soar through the air but trick-or-treaters… they’re going to be running around in the streets on the 31st no matter what their costume is. Driving on Halloween can be a nerve-wracking experience for this reason – with so many excited children around the neighborhood, navigating the streets is not as easy as any other day.


Since Halloween falls on a weekday this year, we can’t simply tell you to avoid driving all together, but we can offer you some tips for cautious Halloween driving.

• There will be a ton of excitement in the air and children are not going to be paying attention to the potential dangers of running into the streets without looking – drive slowly to prevent accidents.
• You should expect your commute to take a bit longer on Halloween as you’ll likely have to stop for anxious trick-or-treaters – be patient.
• It shouldn’t be too difficult to spot a busy neighborhood as trick-or-treaters usually travel in groups, do yourself a favor and avoid busy neighborhoods all together.
• Make sure to use your turn signals and drive with your lights on – even in the daylight hours—this gives your vehicle a greater chance of being seen.

If you allow yourself some extra time and pay closer attention that usual to the roads in your neighborhood, your Halloween should be the good kind of frightening this year – no disasters included!

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