How to Save Money on those Summer Air Conditioning Cost

It’s getting hot and muggy outside! Keep the inside of your home cool and refreshed.


This is the time of year that air conditioners and cooling systems start giving us trouble. The problems that occur can typically be fixed by a few minor repairs. Below we have coplied a list for you to keep your air conditioning system running strong.


1)   Clean Those Filters – A clogged filter can occur even after 4 or 5 months after replacing it.  It all depends on your home environment.  If you have pets, plants, or just a dirty home than your filter will get dirty faster than someone else that might not have these things in their home.  If you consistently have clogged air filters, every 3 to 5 months maybe an air purifier could help.

2)   Keep Those Refrigerant Levels Up – This is one of the most common issues that occurs during the spring and summer months. The best solution to the problem is to get the leak fixed instead of adding refrigerant. Sometimes this means replacing a coil or repairing a copper line. Whatever the repair might be, consider the cost because you could have paid for the repair versus adding refrigerant to the system for the second or third time.

3)   Have Frequent Checkups – A lot of times during the summer months your air conditioning system can run all afternoon if not all day!  This is hard on the mechanical equipment inside of the outside unit and on inside units as well. Keep them healthy and have regular check ups!

If you need help with cooling or heating systems keep Tyson Services Air Conditioning & Heating in mind!

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