Are You a Small Business HVAC Owner?

You have spent years of hard work building your HVAC business and you are proud of what you have accomplished. You have built lifelong relationships with your customers who have been with you for years. Or maybe you are just beginning to build your HVAC business. HVAC contractors face many unique risks they need to address to protect their business. You probably have many assets including your workers, equipment, vehicles, and tools. Without proper coverage, you’re putting it all at risk.

Have you planned for the unexpected? Are you insured properly? Now is not the time to suffer a financial loss when it can be easily prevented with a phone call to Spivey Insurance. Just like you, we’ve spent years building our business on the trust of our clients. Here are just a couple of insurance coverages we have to offer.

North Carolina HVAC contractors need general liability insurance to protect assets if they’re sued. Understandably, many clients and contractors won’t work with you unless you have it as it shows you’re willing to provide a guarantee should something go amiss. Spivey Insurance Group can tailor your policy to protect your expensive equipment and tools. Without these items it’s difficult to earn a living and they’re often very expensive to replace. Unless you qualify as a self-insured employer, you’ll need workers’ compensation insurance if you employ 3 or more people, part-time or full-time. As an HVAC contractor, you probably spend plenty of time driving to and from job sites, sometimes in the densest, busiest areas in North Carolina. You may have a fleet of HVAC vans, trucks, and cars that all need proper commercial auto coverage at an affordable price. A business owner policy combines several insurance forms into one policy with greater protection. Typically, you receive higher general liability coverage and more coverage for your building and contents within one premium. All HVAC contractors must provide a statement of bonding ability and/or a surety bond when applying for their license.

Every day you are meeting the customers, giving quotes and designing HVAC systems for local businesses and homeowners. If you have any questions about HVAC small business insurance policies please give one of our qualified agents a call at 704-821-4460.  Our agents can walk you through the correct insurance process for your business as well as, provide protection for your workers compensation, general liability and any other form of insurance you may need. Make sure to stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google Plus!

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