Could Snow Damage My Car? Yes!

The Queen City and surrounding areas were filled with snow/ice and lots of salt!

Your schedule may be filled with busy plans that were delayed from last week, but make sure to squeeze a car wash into your hectic days.

Usually when bad weather strikes an area, our cars take a beating even if they aren’t being driven in the nasty conditions. The risk of them being damaged multiplies when they are driven in the harsh winter conditions but you may not be able to see the end results. During the melting process, in Charlotte and surrounding areas our cars could’ve been damaged as well with falling ice and snow off buildings and trees.

Washing the salt and dried dirt off your car can expose those scratches, dings or dents that were caused by the weather. Waiting to find the damage could reduce the value of your car and even reduce the life of the vehicle. You don’t want that!

Pull into that car wash today to ensure that your car takes care of you for the months and years ahead!

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