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Spivey Takes The Stress Out Of Adding Teen Drivers To Your Insurance

If you have a Teen Driver in your house you know the tremendous stress that can be. You knew this day would eventually come.

It’s scary isn’t it? You child is growing up and now a monkey wrench has been thrown into the mix. They are driving and you are worried sick.

Anyone who’s had a teen driver can empathize. Most all of us here at the Spivey Insurance Group has gone through this already with our own kids.

I guess that put’s us in a great position to offer our help for your teen when it comes to getting car insurance for your teen.

We get calls everyday from our customers who are adding teens to their policies or asking if their teen needs their own separate policy.

We also get calls on what kind of paperwork a teen needs to get a learners permit.

Believe me, if you can think of a question, we’ve already been asked and we know the answer. Give us a try, call us and test us.

You actually do need to carry some paperwork to the DMV from your insurance carrier when your teen tests for their Learners Permit.

We do get a lot of calls about this form and we provide those for you. That’s where the Spivey Insurance experience kicks in.

Watch our quick tip video where Angie explains the form you will need to take with you to the DMV when your teen tests for their learners permit.

Charlotte Area Teen Driver Car Insurance

Got questions? Call us at 704-821-4460 and get answers about your teen driver.

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