Stay A Safe Driver During Harmful Weather

The days of consecutive sun-shinny weather are slowly decreasing. And showers are not only meant for April. Increasing rain chances that will suddenly turn into snow and ice are coming our way. Do not just think that safe driving tips in dangerous weather conditions only apply during snow and ice storms. Long extensive periods of rain can also cause dangerous road conditions. How are you going to commute from place to place? Use these tips this season change to make sure you are staying safe on the road.
1.Do not speed. Trying to maintain the speed limit when driving during a hailing rainstorm can be dangerous. Do not feel like you have to go 45 MPH when that’s the speed limit, if you only feel comfortable going 35 MPH, which is the safer option.
2.Maintain extra-space. The two-second rule, which states that you should drive behind the car that you are following by 2 seconds, should be doubled in bad weather situations. The roads are not in stable conditions when it is raining or snowing, therefore, it causes an easier situation for an accident. Make sure to keep a large distance between you and the car you are traveling behind incase anything does happen.
3. Avoid Distractions. As easy as this sounds, it can be extremely complicated to do. It is hard not to travel down the road during bad weather implications and not see fallen trees or another car accident on the shoulder of the interstate. When you take your attention off the road to look at these distractions, it causes an increase risk for you yourself to be in an accident. Avoid looking at distractions when traveling in harmful weather conditions.
4.Maintenance Check. Keeping your vehicle filled with all the right fluids and making sure everything works properly will prevent something to go wrong while driving in bad weather. One maintenance check that is commonly overlooked is tire pressure. When driving on roads that have a layer of ice, the tires will not preform well. Make sure to check your tire pressure, as well as if your tired need rotated or not.
We can do everything we can to try to avoid vehicle accidents, but sometimes they happen. As always, give Spivey Insurance Group at 704.821.4460 to make sure your vehicle insurance plans includes proper coverage.

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