Stay Safe During the Super Bowl with Charlotte Insurance!

The Super Bowl is in one week, and if you’re hosting a party or just attending one, you’ll want to check your Charlotte insurance. If you are hosting the party, make sure you have adequate homeowner’s insurance coverage – especially for the television! If you’re attending a party, check your auto insurance coverage. The roads can be dangerous after the big game, so you’ll want to be protected if you’re in an accident. Here are some other tips for staying safe during the party:

  • Move valuables. The party can get pretty rowdy, especially if your favorite team is playing, so pack away all of your valuables. Move expensive pillows and rugs into a different room. Also consider securing the television. Imagine if the television fell in the middle of the game. Nightmare!
  • Cook and store food properly. Whether you’re serving pizza, chicken wings, or just chips and dip, you’ll want to be very careful. Don’t let anything sit out for too long, and refrigerate leftovers immediately. You can always throw them in the microwave during a commercial break.
  • Be careful with alcohol. If you’re serving or drinking alcohol at your party, do so cautiously. Keep an eye on your friends to make sure no one has had too much to drink. Have a plan for those who can’t drive and have a few local cab numbers on hand.
  • Drive safely. When you’re on your way home, be alert! The roads will be full of people heading home after the game, and some of them may have been drinking. Be extra alert a cautious to avoid an accident.

The Super Bowl is a great time to get together with friends and family. Just do so cautiously! An accident or emergency can happen in one second, so you’ll want to make sure you have adequate Charlotte insurance coverage for your home, health, and car!


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