Staying Safe This Halloween

Halloween is that one time of year we can transform into someone else. It is that time of year for children to dress up as their favorite super hero, or movie character. When trying to plan the perfect costume and plans for Halloween night, it can be easy to forget about simple tips to make sure you and your family is staying safe. Here are some tips to keep safe this Halloween.

Keep It Clean.
When picking out your Halloween costume, especially when it comes to face make-up and masks, choose a make-up that is non-toxic. Do not pick a make-up that will cause your skin to have a reaction. Carefully read the package of the makeup at the store to make sure there are no red flags in the ingredient list. Test the make-up first on a small area of the skin. You wouldn’t want to put anything harmful on your face for this one holiday. Also, make sure your masks, wigs, and costumes are flame resistant.

Shine Bright.
When walking on roads from house to house collecting candy, it can be hard for people in traveling cars to see you. Make sure to carry a flashlight. Also, it is also helpful if your costumes have some type of reflective material to enhance visibility. If you know your costume does not have any type of reflectors on it, strap a piece of reflective tape to your costume. Taking a simple step like this will prevent accidents on Halloween night.

Know the Call.
Review the emergency call plans with your children prior to Halloween night. If you feel comfortable enough with your older children trick-or-treating by themselves, go over a route with them that they will be taking on Halloween night. Another helpful tip is to tick-or-treat in groups. This way, more people are accountable for everyone in the group. If your child does get lost, make sure they know to call your phone or 9-1-1 in order to get help.

Bag Check.
After all the exciting trick-or-treating is over with, wait till your children get home and go through their candy before they start eating it. Take out all candy that your child may have an allergy too. It is also a good idea to remove homemade goods from trick-or-treating bags because you do not know all the ingredients included. Make sure to throw away all unwrapped, spoiled, or suspicious candy items.

Clear the Way.
When adventuring out on Halloween night, make sure the route you will be taking will be clean of accident-prone obstacles. This includes your on front yard or drive way. Make sure to sweep of the front porch or drive way so trick-or-treaters will not trip or slip on anything in the way. Travel on street with a bright sidewalk streetlight. Also keep your front porch light brightly lit. Taking these extra steps can help prevent accidents on Halloween night.

One last tip on Halloween night, HAVE FUN! Make sure to make this Halloween a memorable experience with your friends and family. Stay connected with Spivey Insurance Group this Halloween on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

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