Study: Carolina Rural Roads Dangerous

Recently a study done by a Washington-based research group looking into the need to update roads and bridges across the country found that South Carolina has the most dangerous rural roads in the nation. The research group (TRIP) found that South Carolina had 4.7 fatalities per 100 million rural miles driven in 2009. North Carolina wasn’t too far behind, ranking 11th nationally with 2.74 deaths per 100 million miles driven on rural roads.

Rural driving is considered anything outside of the commuting zone of cities with a population of 50,000 or more. The common problem with these country roads and especially in South Carolina is that they tend to have very narrow lanes. The study found that 34% of fatal crashes on the roads were a result of a vehicle going off of the road. The other major cause of fatal accidents was head-on collisions at 15%.

What must you do to protect yourself against those dangerous country roads? Robert St. Onge, the South Carolina Transportation Secretary says that drivers need to slow down, always wear seat belts, avoid drinking and driving, and constantly pay close attention to the road. Another way to protect yourself is by purchasing the proper coverage of car insurance. Charlotte NC area residents are in luck, because Spivey Insurance Group wants to help.

With the dangers of driving on the many rural roads of our area (New Town road in Waxhaw, NC is the perfect example), you can never be too cautious both on the road and with your insurance. Accidents can happen at anytime and anywhere, but here at Spivey Insurance we’re always ready to find the best policy for you and come to the rescue when you need to file an accident claim. For more information on auto insurance visit our website or call 877-318-5951 today!

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