Got Olympics Fever? Here Are Some Events You May Have Never Seen!

Have you caught Olympics fever like everyone else? Every four years the world is treated to a grand spectacle of world class athletes displaying their talents. Currently, the grand event is being held in London with many events still on the way in the coming weeks. While you may be familiar with swimming,track and field and gymnastics as customary events, there are a number of odd ones that go unnoticed. Want to learn more? Here are some events you may have not seen on TV:


  • Badminton: Yes! The popular backyard game is actually one of the more competitive sports in the Olympics. There are events for singles and doubles.
  • Table tennis: You may know it as “ping pong,”but table tennis is also a highly competitive discipline and staple of the summer Olympic games.
  • Handball: Handball is an interesting sport.Played indoors, it consists of teams catching and passing a ball between each other and trying to throw it by an opposing goalie. It is very fast paced and surprisingly exciting. Try to check it out if you can!

Whether you’re into the Olympics or not, we recommend checking it out a little bit every night to cheer on our fellow Americans as they compete overseas. Go USA!


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