Tips for Avoiding the Dreaded “Freshman Fifteen”!

If you’re heading off to college soon you probably have a long list of things to accomplish before finally heading out for good. While you’re busy registering for classes, buying books and getting dorm room supplies have you thought about the ways in which you’re going to stay healthy during the long semester? By now, you’ve obviously heard of the “freshman fifteen,” an expression meaning the weight that many college students tend to put on during their freshman year.In order to stay in shape and avoid gaining any extra pounds, follow these tips for a healthy and happy first year in college:


  • Monitor eating habits: For college students it’s easy to indulge at all-you-can-eat dining halls and late night pizza. However,all this food combined with beer and alcohol can and will contribute to you gaining weight. For starters, try limiting your intake of food at each meal and stay away from eating past 8:00pm.
  • Exercise: You’ll be busy with class, clubs and friends, but you’ll be doing yourself a favor by getting to the gym at least 30minutes a day.
  • Intramural sports: Colleges and universities offer intramural sports for all students to play. Whether it’s soccer,basketball or flag football, getting in some extra running will burn off some additional calories for you.

The “freshman fifteen” is easy to gain but it’s also just as easy to avoid. By following these health tips you’ll be sure to stay in shape no matter what!


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