Taking the Steps in an Emergency Situation

The North Carolina weather is unpredictable. The summer months bring dangerous thunderstorms and come the winter months, the Carolinas’ are fonder of ice storms than snowstorms. With unpredictable weather, it is hard to prepare for dangerous situations. Even something as simple as a power outage can be dangerous and miserable to live through. At Spivey Insurance Group, we have taken the steps to continue constant communication incase of a power outage.
Phone Calls: Spivey Insurance Group uses the latest technology to make sure there is constant communication between our agents and the clients. We use a VIOP system that maintains communication in case of an Internet or power outage. When a client calls, they will receive a voicemail machine that is routed to our e-mail.
Facebook & Twitter: In case of a bad weather situation, Spivey Insurance Group will close their office to allow their staff to get home safely. Staying connected with Spivey Insurance Group on Facebook and Twitter will give you constant updates about when the office is closed and is an outlet for communication.
Every day, Spivey Insurance Group takes pride in personally answering phone calls to build a connection and trust with clients. Spivey Insurance Group does not use an automatic phone tree system that is difficult to use and understand. If you would like to talk to one of our agents, give our office a call at 704-821-4460.

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