The 5 Most Popular Summer Activities


It’s already hot outside, but today June 21st is the first official day of summer!

Maybe you can prove Mr. Alan Jackson wrong and have a cure for those summertime blues. A list to check off during your summer will ensure that your family stays active and truly enjoy this sizzling season. Lucky you, we’ve complied 5 of the most popular things to do during the summer!


– Pool time – If you have access to a pool, cool off with some pool time. If you’re not into lounging and catching some rays, play games like marco polo, relay races, or, if you have access to sinkable toys, have an underwater scavenger hunt!

– Picnic in the park – Pack some sandwiches, chips, crackers and cheese and juice boxes, and head out to you local park with your family or friends for a nice outdoor lunch in the sun.

– Water fights – Nothing beats the heat better than water balloons or blasting someone with a super soaker.

– Camping – What better way to enjoy the outdoors than in the elements of nature. For those of you that don’t like camping… you can experience braving the natural elements camping in a hotel.

– Day at the Beach – When the weather is good, why waste your time sitting at home when you could be at the beach, snorkeling, surfing the waves or catching some rays.

Enjoy the wonderful outdoors with the family this summer!


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