Things to Remember In an Auto Accident

Automobile accidents happen! They can be scary and overwhelming but by knowing what to do during the time of crisis can help lessen the stress.

There are many things that you should consider after an accident happens. First, make sure that everyone in your vehicle, including yourself are physically ok before moving or getting out of the vehicle. Secondly, access the traffic situation around you. More accidents could occur and it’s important to check on the other drivers and passengers and the positioning of their vehicles. Then you need to prepare something’s as we have listed them for you below.

Get medical help for anyone who may be injured. This also includes yourself and anyone that was near the accident.

  1. Call the police and follow their instruction. If you are in an unsafe area, you may relocate to the nearest police station or public place and then call the police.
  2. Get names, addresses, telephone numbers, and insurance information of anyone involved in or witnessing the accident.
  3. For teen drivers call your parents or guardian and tell them what has happened and where you are located. Or if you’re married, call your spouse or someone who could get close to you if needed.
  4. Notify your insurance producer/agent or insurance company.

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