Throwing a Successful Holiday Party

The holiday season is officially under way. With Thanksgiving behind us and December in front of us, things are definitely about to get festive! This is the time of the year when people spend a lot of time getting together with friends, family and loved ones. There are sure to be a ton of holiday parties to attend. If you’re a party-planner as well as a party-goer, then this can be a little bit stressful. You don’t want to plan your party on a conflicting day, you want to make sure you have enough food and drinks, and of course, that everyone has a good time!


If you’re planning on throwing a holiday party any time soon, there are some tips we can offer you to help make your event memorable for everyone – and stress-free for you!

• Send your invitations early.This is the easiest way to avoid scheduling your fantastic party on the same day as someone else’s. Plus, it lets you know early on who can make it and who cannot, and gives your guests time to check their busy schedules.
• Is your party family friendly or better suited for adults only?This is important to make your guests aware of in advance.
• Shop early. The cost of throwing a holiday party can get expensive. It will be a good idea to shop for your food and décor when there are sales. Stocking up now can save you quite a bit later.
• Prepare the food in advance.You certainly do not want to spend your entire party in the kitchen, a slave to the stove, so try to prepare in advance as much of the food you’ll be serving as possible.
• Don’t refuse help. If you have people willing to help with the decorating, the food or the set up or clean-up, don’t say no. You’ll be happy for the help when you really get into the party.

Last but not least, make sure you have fun!  Just because you are the host, this does not exclude you from the holiday fun. Make sure you don’t spend the whole party rushing around, let your guest help if they offer and relax and enjoy the company of your friends, family, and loved ones.

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