Stay Safe This Season With These Helpful Christmas Tree Safety Tips

This Christmas we urge everyone to be very careful and safe to avoid a deadly Christmas Tree fire. 

Unfortunately, every year there are unfortunate and avoidable deaths due to fires started in the Christmas Tree. 
Especially natural trees that get too dry.
The number one thing you can do for prevention is to remove all heat sources away from the tree. 
You should also water the tree on a regular basis.
It’s a proven fact that watering a tree can help prevent the tree from catching fire so fast and engulfing everything around it. 

Please watch this video and look at the difference in fires on trees that have been watered and one that has not.


That was scary wasn’t it?
Is your home adequately insured in case of a holiday mishap? 
Make sure your home and belongings are covered for the right amount in case the unspeakable occurs. 
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The money we save you will allow you to buy a few extra Christmas presents! 
We wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a safe holiday season.

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