Timber! Will Insurance Pay For That Fallen Tree?

Wind storms, severe rain, brutal snow storms…what’s the common denominator besides the fact that they are all products of Mother Nature’s cruel humor? They’re all major culprits for causing downed trees and destruction. But when that tree takes a tumble into your backyard, onto your roof, or right through your hot rods window, who is going to cover the financial woes? That answer to the question is, “it all depends.” Your Charlotte home insurance policy (or your helpful Spivey Insurance agent!) will likely hold the most in depth answers, but continue reading for the basics of what is covered and what is not under most policies.

Under most circumstances (most but not all), insurance will only cover the costs of cleanup and tree removal if the fallen timber causes damage to property that is outlined in your homeowner policy. However there are a few unusual circumstances where your homeowners insurance might cover the removal of a tree including the following:

– If the timbered tree blocks your driveway, then some insurance policies might pay for it to be removed.
– If you are disabled and the lumber somehow impedes your ramp or the access to your home then removal could be covered.

Another important thing to remember is that insurance companies often have a limit of coverage for tree removal which is typically around $1,000, and this number remains the same even if you have multiple downed trees on your property.

Still not sure what types of incidents you’ll be covered for and when you’ll be out of luck? The following are some basic scenarios and the subsequent insurance realities.

  • A strong thunderstorm passes through your town and a tree from your property ends up falling and damaging your home’s roof, detached garage, or shed. In this situation, your Charlotte homeowners’ policy should cover the cost of removing the tree along with the repairs for damage caused.
  • A freak snow storm hits the area (i.e. the recent Halloween storm up in the Northeast) and causes a tree to fall and damage your vehicle. Have no fear! Your car insurance policy will likely cover it, as your comprehensive insurance protects your vehicle from damages caused by happenings other than car accidents.

  • As wind whips around the neighborhood, one of your trees happens to fall and damage your neighbor’s house. Before you jump into a neighborhood feud, know that insurance is on your side and your neighbor should be the one to file a claim under his policy. However, the only time you may assume the liability is if the tree was already damaged or dying and your neighbor warned you about it but you never removed it. This puts you responsible for the damages and tree removal.

Still have more questions or confused about whether your tree damage is covered? Then call Spivey Insurance Group today at 877-318-5951 or visit our website for everything you need to know about Charlotte insurance!

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