What Type of Daycare Insurance Do I need?

Do you own a daycare or looking to open up a new one? Then you have come to the right place. Spivey Insurance Group is a part of Keystone Insurers Group which is a preferred insurance partner of the North Carolina Licensed Child Care Association. Spivey Insurance Group is committed to providing the best protection for you and children in your care.

By being a part of Keystone Insurers Group, we are able to provide specialized coverage to child care centers. A variety of coverage’s are offered such as: abduction coverage, abuse and molestation coverage up to $10M, employment practices liability, bodily injury coverage, accident insurance, and much more. Don’t settle for insufficient coverage. Different types of insurance are required for different types of child care businesses.

Spivey Insurance Group can design a plan that best fits the needs of your business. Offering a safe environment for children to learn and play is very important. Let us protect you not only financially, but also personally.

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