Vehicle Safety + Auto Insurance = Total Protection

It’s the holiday season, which means you or someone you know may be looking at a new car. During the holiday season auto sales peak because of end of the year deals and don’t forget those smooth, very convincing salesmen that influence us to sign on that dotted line.


What kind of car should you get? We can’t tell what car you should buy but we can tell you what you should look for as far as safety components!


Remember, safety is extremely important, therefore do your research on that new car before you drive it off the lot.


Check to see if the car you are looking at is equipped with these safety components and ask about the features if you don’t see them listed on the car.



– Airbags – All cars have airbags now days, but look specifically at side, frontal, knee and side impact bags that can prevent serious injuries.


-Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) – This can warn you if the tires are getting low in air. This can try to prevent any accidents caused by tire or wheel problems on the car.


-Rollover Prevention – A complicated system but that tells the car if you are about to loss control. It can control brakes, throttle and pre-crash warning systems. Ask your salesman about this feature, some vehicles offer it, others don’t.


– Adaptive Headlights – These features can be different depending upon the automaker. Although, swiveling headlights, thermal imaging and high intensity lights are becoming increasingly popular. Recently automakers are using LED headlamps that produce more light, but use less energy


– Don’t forget that auto insurance! We, here at Spivey Insurance Group, will provide you with priceless relationships to ensure you are safe!


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