Are You a Victim of Road Rage?

It is affecting drivers around the world, and leads to thousands of accidents every year, and it is only getting worse. It is road rage, and it is mostly commonly known as a condition that involved anger or violence when participating in on-road driving. Many believe that road rage is a myth, or find it difficult to come to terms that they experience road rage. A study by the AAA Foundation found that drivers who experience road rage, such as tailgating and illegal passing, are responsible for 56% of fatal crashes. If you are a driver who frequently experiences road rage or concerned for your safety because of other drivers, there are tips to remember when involved in confrontation on the road.
There are three tips to avoid being a victim of an aggressive driver, do not offend, do not engage, and adjust your attitude. You can easily offend someone when driving in many ways, tailgating, hand gestures, cutting someone off, even driving slowly in the left lane. When experiencing angry thoughts behind the wheel, take a step back and breath. By avoiding offending someone while driving can also avoid fatal accidents. When you see other drivers experiencing road rage, do not engage in their activity that will only increase the chances for an accident to happen. When you notice aggressive drivers on the road, steer clear, avoid eye-contact, and move on. The most important change when it comes to aggressive drivers is to change your attitude. Think of the consequences that aggressive driving has, it can cost you your vehicle, or even your life. Drive the open roads when free thoughts, putting yourself in others shoes. Driving on the road is not a competition, nor is it something that should be taken lightly. Every time you get behind the wheel of a vehicle you need to remember what is a stake and if it is worth the road rage.
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