What Can I Do to Help Our Military/Soldiers?

This has been a hectic, to say the least, time for our military. Our officers have had to make extremely tough decisions over the past couple weeks. Especially with 9/11 coming up, supporting our military is an Americans duty to our country and prosperity. We all need to pull together to help and serve them the way they serve us constantly. Here are five ways you can make a difference.


  1. Donate to the USO (United Service Organization), They have been involved in providing fun activities for the deployed troops and their families. This kind of donation would be monetary.
  2. Send Care Packages, you can send through programs like Soldier’s Angels and Special Kindness in Packages. Soldiers love simple items like toiletries, snacks, DVD’s etc. or you could go beyond and donate technology, like cell phones or iPads.
  3. Write a letter or create a craft. Soldiers love receiving letters and cards while deployed. You can write something to make them smile or laugh. A craft would be nice as well to show your appreciation with the time spent making it. I’m sure they love to decorate their bunks.
  4. You can also donate your Wedding dress to military brides in need. Most of the time these brides are financially burdened with the stress of trying to find an affordable wedding dress. Donating it would put it to good use instead of it creating dust in the closet.
  5. You can sponsor a Baby Shower. This would be a extremely kind gesture that could help out a Military mom who may not have a ton of family or support around her. Putting together a baby shower would bless that family tremendously.


With all these options there must be one that you feel called to do/help with. These Soldiers need the help of all of us. Spivey loves to support our military any way we can. Follow our social media for more updates Vlogs Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.

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