When is Father’s Day This Year?

In 2013, Father’s Day is on Sunday, June 16th. People who appreciate the many advantages their fathers provided for them throughout the years, especially when growing up, want to give back gifts, time or both to their dads. Father’s Day offers the perfect opportunity to put these plans into action. Sunday, June 16, is a great day to celebrate Father’s Day with Dad.

Whether a father is thirty years old or eighty years old, it is never too late to let a dad know how much he is loved. Since most people do not work on Sunday, there is really no good excuse to avoid visiting dads on Father’s Day or, at the very least, sending dads gifts they are sure to appreciate receiving.

According to a recent survey, an astounding percentage of fathers do not want to receive monetary gifts on Father’s Day. Instead, dads simply want to spend meaningful time with their children and grandchildren. Spending time with families is more valuable to many fathers who do not get to see their relatives frequently. The modern world is filled with extremely busy persons who unintentionally put their dads on the back burners of their lives.

Sunday is a nice day to take Dad out for a delicious meal at a favorite restaurant. Taking Dad out to lunch is ideal because there is still plenty of time afterward to play a game or watch a movie. Dads enjoy simple pleasures, and Father’s Day is an excellent day to give Dad a little bit of time as a way of thanking him for his care and love.

Even though Dad may not care about receiving a present, presenting him with a gift card, along with spending several hours with him on Father’s Day, is sure to bring a smile to his face. This year, make Sunday, June 16, a special Father’s Day that dad will treasure.



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