Will The Newest Technology Affect Your North Carolina Auto Insurance?

Technology is amazing! We all see it every day and witness the latest and greatest innovations in technology as time passes, but do you ever stop and wonder how those advances may negatively impact your life?

What’s the latest piece of amazing technology news? Mercedes has announced that they are going to integrate everyone’s favorite social media outlet, Facebook into their cars. So now not only can you be on Facebook at home, at work, and on your phone, but you can also have access to all your friends while driving too! The idea is awesome and shows how far technology has advanced that you can now have 24/7 access to the internet and your friends and family, but is this really a good idea?

One of the biggest causes of accidents is distracted driving (according to a study released by the National Safety Council, 28% of car accidents are caused by someone talking on the phone or texting), so will adding an additional distraction as big as Facebook cause even more driving mistakes? And if so, could that result in a greater hike in your North Carolina auto insurance policy cost?

Technology is great and has advanced our society and made life easier, but the access to all these tools can also have a negative effect. Ever made a driving mistake because you were distracted by your phone or been hit by someone who was texting? Have no fear if your car got dinged up, because at Spivey Insurance Group we like to give back to you through our partners program!

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