Wind, Rain and Hail… Oh My!

The weather is unpredictable! High winds, rain and hail can be experienced simultaneously!
The beginning of March through the end of summer, according to FEMA, is peak tornado season. Tornados can be costly to an area and even more devastating if you and your family aren’t prepared!
The best way to prepare for a tornado is to be aware of the changing weather. Most of us have cell phones these days and they are a great way to get the latest weather updates! There are applications as well as free text messaging services that can send notifications directly to us. MyWarn, USA Today and WeatherBug all offer these services that could give you these important updates within seconds. These can be downloaded on your phone through the Android Play store or App store. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can visit Weatherusa and enter your number free of cost into their notification network.
Great! You’re aware… now what? Here are some tips to keep you and your loved ones safe from a tornado if the unfortunate event is near.

• If a tornado is near, seek the lowest point that can be accessed. The safest place to be during a tornado is underground. If your family doesn’t have a basement go to a room in the middle of the house with no windows.
• If you happen to be in a business building that has several stories get as close to the ground floor as you can.
• If available, get under a steady piece of furniture, such as a heavy table or desk. Hold on to it and use your arms to protect your head and neck.
• If you’re in a car, get out and seek a safe shelter or lie down in a low area, again with your hands over your head and neck.
• If no shelter is around find a low ditch and get as close to the ground as possible. Always remember to cover your head and neck!

After a tornado has hit your area, make sure you and your loved ones are in good health. Check for injured persons near your home or area of occupancy. Do not move them unless they are in immediate danger of further injury. Call for medical assistance if needed!
If you have any questions or concerns about how possible damage could be covered under your homeowner’s insurance contact us. We want to ensure that everyone is safe during a tornado or unfortunate weather event.

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