Workers Compensation for the Summer Heat!

Mid-July to August can bring the dead heat of summer, with consecutive days at or above 100 degrees. The dangerously high temperatures create a higher risk for accidents to happen, especially to employees who work outside. Make sure your business is prepared incase of an incident with an employee due to the summer heat.
The number one risk among employees this time of year is heat related illnesses. Working in the direct sunlight can create a 15-degree higher heat index that can cause heat stroke or heat exhaustion. Encouraging your employees to stay constantly hydrated, wear light colors and lighter material clothing, and take breaks as much as needed in the shaded areas will help combat your employees from heat related illnesses. Along with working in the direct sunlight, employees are more at risk to get sunburns. Provide proper sunscreen protection for your employees incase of a skin related illness. To try to avoid extensive sunburns, try to schedule longer tasks early in the morning where the sun is not as strong and direct. One more risk associated with working in the outside environment is allergies and bug bites. If a person knows that they are allergic to something, such as a plant or a bee, then they should take cautious measures when working in a new area. If they are unfamiliar with their allergies, make sure to have an antihistamine on hand.
In all these cases where employees are at risk for illness while working outside, Workers Compensation is needed to compensate medical costs for your workers. If illnesses cause employees to miss work, some workers compensation plans will provide income. Take pride in your business and your employees by making sure they are protected during the hottest summer months. If you would like to look into a workers compensation plan for your business, call Spivey Insurance Group at 704-821-4460. Share what your employees are doing this summer with Spivey Insurance Group on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus.

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