5 Simple Summer Gardening Tips

There’s nothing more satisfying than a gorgeous and lush outdoor garden, but the task itself can be daunting. Follow these 5 simple tips for a beautiful and successful garden this summer than you can be proud of.

Tip #1: Make and Use a Compost
Incorporating a compost into your gardening routine is guaranteed to provide the richest soil to nourish your plant life. Kitchen scraps such as coffee grounds, vegetable peels, and fruit cores can be recycled in a compost pile to create the very best fertilizer at your own home. Put a bit of the compost in your potting soil or top-dress your plant beds to guarantee gardening success.

Tip #2: Put Use to Your Cooking Water
When you boil or steam vegetables, don’t waste that nutrient-rich water by pouring it down the drain. Use those vitamins and minerals and pour the water into your potted plants (after it has cooled, of course).

Tip #3: Don’t Forget the Mulch
Mulch serves as a protective barrier for your plant-life, moderates the temperature of the soil, conserves water and prevents soil-borne disease. Different types of mulch is appropriate for different types of jobs, but organic mulch that rots into the soil is almost always the preferable option.

Tip #4: Time Your Watering
Don’t just water your plants when the thought comes to mind. It’s important to water your plants at certain times of the day to ensure success. It’s best to water plants in the morning or evening, when the air is cooler, the sun is low, and the water is less likely to be lost through evaporation.

Tip #5: Resist Plant Diseases
Garden diseases can be detrimental to any garden, even those with frequent care and attention. Some important considerations to fight disease include soil drainage (soggy roots can lead to rot) and sunlight (a well-nourished plant is more likely to fight disease).

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