What Items In Your Home Can Start A House Fire?

House fire season is underway. Imagine coming home and seeing your house and everything you own being destroyed in flames. It is a scary thought to think about. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) says there are more than 360,000 home structure fires each year, resulting in about $6-8 billion dollars in damage. There are several reasons why a house fire can start. Here are the top eight reasons that cause a house fire and how you can protect yourself.
1. Candles: Many times we leave the house and forget that the candle is still burning. Before leaving or before bed time blow out all candles. Secure candles in a safe place where they are less likely to fall or get knocked over.
2. Smoking: It is best to smoke outside because it highly reduces the risk of a fire starting within a home. Do not smoke in bed. Often time’s people fall asleep with cigarettes in their hands and this can become very dangerous. Regularly empty ash trays and make sure all cigarette butts are completely burned out.
3. Electrical and Lighting: Don’t overload electrical outlets. Frequently check wires to make sure are still in proper working conditions. Turn off any halogen or decoration lighting before leaving or going to sleep.
4. Dryers and Washing Machines: Frequently clean the screen of the dryer to remove excess lent. Allow the vents leading to the pipes to be cleared of any combustible material.
5. Lightning: You might think this is a one in a million chance, but it happens more than you think. During the months of June, July, and August there is a higher chance of lightening causing a house fire. Unplug major electrical appliances and electronics to minimize the chance being struck by lightning. Stay away from windows and doors during a storm.
6. Children Playing With Fire: Keep matches, lighters, and all other sources of fire away from children. Children get curious so it is best to keep all dangerous items out of reach. Teach them at a young age about fire safety.
7. Christmas Trees: During the holiday season keep trees watered and dispose of them when they become dry. Christmas Trees become very flammable especially when there are decorated lights added to it.
8. Cooking: Don’t leave food unattended for long periods of time. Keep towels away from flammable items away from fires. Have more than one smoke detector in your house and frequently inspect them to make sure they are working properly. Store a fire extinguisher somewhere in a safe place in case of emergencies.

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