Five Simple Things to Look Forward to During Springtime

It is not much longer until winter is over and spring is upon us. North Carolina has been hit hard recently with freezing temperatures. Springtime is such an enjoyable time of year. Birds are chirping, flowers are growing, and there is plenty of sunshine. North Carolina is a great place to be during spring. We have so much natural beauty in our area to enjoy. It seems that springtime gives us a new life and revives us from the dead of winter. Here is a list to show that the little things are the best to look forward to.

1. Cookouts: fire up that grill and invite friends and family over for a BBQ. Cookouts are a great way to spend quality time with the ones we love the most. Grills go great in the backyard and also around a campfire too.

2. Fresh Food: After the cold winter passes it is time to look forward to homegrown fruits and vegetables from the garden. Knowing that it is fresh makes it taste so much better.

3. Flowers: The smell of fresh flowers in the air can easily make a day more enjoyable. Walking outside or going on a Sunday drive and seeing things bloom is a blessing.

4. Enjoying the outdoors: In North Carolina there are many places to go to enjoy the outdoors. We have best of both worlds, mountains and beaches. When the weather is nice take a trip to the mountains or enjoy uptown Charlotte.

5. More daylight hours: So long getting dark at 5 in the evening. Adjusting the clock allows for more fun activities to last longer and contributes to the increase of positivity in your mood. Daylight Savings begins on Sunday March, 8th.

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