Avoid the Flu with NC Business Insurance

It’s that time of year: flu season! The office can be a breeding ground for the germs that cause the flu, so it’s important to be extra careful. Make sure your NC business insurance offers policies to your employees that cover them for doctors’ visits and prescriptions. Share these tips with your employees to keep everyone in the office healthy this season!

  • Wash your hands! This is the single-most effective way to prevent the spread of germs. This doesn’t mean just rinsing your hands. Use plenty of soap and hot water, and sing the “Happy Birthday” song in your head twice before rinsing. Hang posters in bathrooms and kitchens as a reminder.
  • Sanitize surfaces. The average office desk is home to as many as 10 million germs. That’s 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat! Provide your employees with disinfecting wipes, and suggest that they clean their desks, computers and other nearby surfaces regularly. This is especially crucial for surfaces that are shared by multiple people, such as conference room tables.
  • Ventilate the office. Germs thrive in stagnant air, so open a window in each room for five minutes every hour.
  • Encourage sick employees to stay home. You may not want to miss out on productivity for a day or two, but having one absent employee is better than having everyone in the office be absent. The flu is very contagious, and the best way to avoid exposing yourself to those germs is to stay away from those that are sick.
  • Keep your items separate. Especially during flu season, don’t loan out office items. People have a tendency to place pens and pencils in their mouths – the perfect opportunity for germs to hitch a free ride right back to your desk!

With the right precautions, staying healthy at the office is easy! Share the tips above with your employees, and ensure your NC business insurance covers doctors’ visits and prescriptions. 

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