How to Create a Household Inventory for Charlotte Insurance

Once you have purchased homeowners or renters insurance, the first thing you should do is create a home inventory list. The process can be annoying, but if your home is ever affected by a fire, flood or other natural disaster, you’ll need an inventory to file your Charlotte insurance claim. Having a fully prepared inventory will help move the process along quickly so you can replace any lost items as soon as possible.

  • Walk through your home with a camera. If you have a video camera, use that. If not, photos will be fine. Document every inch of your home, taking the time to open drawers and cupboards. Burn the video or photos to a DVD and store it offsite in your safety deposit box.
  • Gather all the warranties and receipts that you have. This includes warranties for electronics, furniture and kitchen appliances. Store these with the DVD in your safety deposit box.
  • Write down everything you own. This can be tedious, but will be worth it if your items are ever damaged. For example, write down a description of each piece of jewelry you own and how much it is worth. Check your policy to make sure it is all covered – many policies have a $1,000 limit on jewelry unless it is specified.  Also take note of how many pairs of jeans and shoes you own – you can never be too specific when taking inventory.
  • Check areas you may have forgotten, such as the attic, garage and basement. Many people forget stored items, such as out-of-season clothing or lawn furniture that is not in use.

Creating a home inventory – although hard work – will save a lot of time and unnecessary work in the future. If something happens to your belongings and you must file a claim with your Charlotte insurance company, half of the work will already be done!

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