Charlotte Auto Insurance ~ Liability, Comprehensive & Collision Explained

What should I choose for my auto policy? Liability, comprehensive/collision or both?

Here’s a description of the coverages in very simple terms. We like to keep things simple here at The Spivey Insurance Group. So many companies try to make it confusing for their customers and we don’t deal that way.

Liability only covers the person who might have hit you if you are at fault. It will repair their vehicle. You don’t have to worry about being wiped out financially when you carry a good liability policy on your car.

Here’s the catch, it will not pay to have your vehicle repaired. This is why we recommend further coverage, Comprehensive & Collision.

If you have financed your vehicle you will most likely be required by your lender to carry liability and comprehensive/collision insurance.

Comprehensive & Collision is considered full coverage for your vehicle.

It covers from a cracked windshield to repairing your vehicle from an accident, damages etc. It’s smart insurance coverage, no doubt about it.

We always ask our clients when they are considering taking off the comp and collision to save a few dollars…..if you have an accident do you have thousands of dollars to repair or replace your vehicle? Unless you are filthy rich, most of us can’t afford such an unexpected expense.

Call or visit Spivey Insurance to review your auto policy today to protect you and your family. Don’t let the bad scenario happen to you. Be prepared.

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