Most Common Homeowner Insurance Claims

Its no surprise that owning a home is expensive. Nor should it be a surprise that homeowner insurance premiums reflect the responsibility of owning a home.

So, how do you keep costs down but still enjoy your home? Take precautions!

Below are the 5 most common claims that are filed from homeowners.

1. Dog bites.

A typical home insurance policy includes liability coverage for damages and injuries caused by you or other members of your household, including pets. Insurers often exclude some dog breeds from their policies because they represent higher risks. The average dog-bite cost per claim in 2012 was $29,752. Dog breeds frequently excluded by carriers include pit bulls, Akitas and German shepherds.

2. Home accidents.

Injury accident claims frequently are filed against homeowners. Even if a person comes onto your property uninvited, such as a door-to-door salesperson, you can be held liable for any injuries they sustain, if you are found to be negligent. Be mindful about who is on your property!

3. Falling trees.

If you have a tree on your property that falls and damages your home or your neighbor’s house or car, you can be held liable for a home liability. If you own a tree that poses a hazard, it’s up to you to trim the branches or have the tree removed entirely.

4.  Intoxicated guests.

If you host a party and one of your guests becomes intoxicated, you could be held responsible for any harm he or she causes to other people or property. Claims arising from intoxicated guests typically are covered by a standard homeowner’s policy.

Homeowner’s and renter’s insurance policies can include host liquor liability coverage. If you’re hosting an event at your home or at another location, these policies will cover claims arising from someone being served too much alcohol.

5. Injured domestic workers.

If you hire domestic workers to clean your home or care for your lawn, you have the potential for liability claims when they are injured on the job.

Some domestic workers have worker’s compensation insurance to cover lost wages and medical payments if they are injured while working in your home. If these workers are hurt on the job, this coverage covers their losses. However, many domestic workers are independent contractors who aren’t required to have worker’s compensation coverage. If you’re found to be liable for their injuries, your homeowner’s insurance may be required to pay the claim.

We feel it is important to advise our customers and walk them through the claim process. Its part of our service here at Spivey Insurance Group. Call us and we will take it from there or visit our claim page.


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