Escaping from a Car Underwater: Myths and Facts

Many drivers fear being caught in a submerged car while driving. There are many myths and facts regarding what you should do in case of this emergency and it is important to develop a plan so that you are prepared should it happen to you.

The most widely accepted myth about the dangers of being trapped in a submerged car is that you shouldn’t wear a seatbelt in the event that this might happen. Since being trapped in a car while it sinks is a relatively rare occurrence it is far more likely that wearing your seatbelt will save you in any other type of accident that is much more common. Also, should your car begin to sink, having your seatbelt on while the impact will likely keep you from hitting your head and becoming disoriented in the midst of this emergency.

In the event that your car is sinking and you need to escape, there are several points to keep in mind that can save your life. The first is to roll down the window as soon as your car hits water. Many cars electrical systems will work for a few minutes after the car is submerged, but wasting precious time rolling down the window at that point can be a deadly mistake. Don’t focus your energy on opening the door. It will be impossible until the pressure outside and inside the car equalizes, which will only happen if the inside of the car is entirely submerged. You should carry a tool to break the windows if necessary. Make sure to focus on the side windows, as the windshield is made of safety glass and is nearly impossible to break.

Being submerged in a sinking vehicle can be the most terrifying experience of your life. It is important to remain as calm as possible and follow the steps above to allow for a safe exit of the situation.

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