Daycare Insurance Policies

When parents are considering sending their children to daycare the most important factor they look at is safety. Operating a safe childcare center that is fully covered benefits everyone. Our goal at Spivey Insurance Group is to ensure peace-of-mind for our clients and their child care business through effective and affordable insurance solutions. It is important to consider the different insurance options when operating a daycare. A daycare is a place for children to learn and grow in a safe environment while keeping the parent’s mind at ease. By being a member of Keystone Insurers Group, Spivey Insurance Group is able to provide:

• Abduction Coverage
• Directors and Officers Liability
• Abuse and Molestation coverage up to $10M available
• Bodily injury coverage including mental anguish or emotional distress
• Accident Coverage for students

Don’t just settle for insufficient coverage. If you own a daycare and are in need of quality insurance Spivey Insurance Group assist your needs. If you are unsure of what types of coverage’s you need call our office at 704-821-4460 to speak with an agent to learn more about our specialized coverage options for day-cares.

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