Keeping School Bus Safety in Mind during National Bus Safety Week

The sounds of excited children in the early afternoons are certainly a sign of school being in session. What else makes you think of school? The big yellow school buses of course!


Riding the school bus is a rite of passage for young children and it usually brings with it a lot of excitement. For a lot of parents, however, sending your kids off to school on a bus driven by someone who is not you can be unnerving.  But did you know that according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, school buses are actually the safest form of transportation? Your kids are nearly eight times safer on the bus than in a car driving to and from school.

As a parent you are going to worry no matter what, and it is always important to talk to your kids about safe behavior for riding the school bus. Since this week is “National Bus Safety Week” this is a good opportunity to talk about ways to be safe when riding the bus with your kids.

Here are some tips to share:
• Get to the bus stop at least five minutes early to avoid rushing.
• Remain on the sidewalks when walking to and from the bus stop.
• Encourage your child to remain at least seven steps away from the street while waiting in line for the bus to arrive.
• Never enter or exit the bus until the driver says it is okay to do so.
• If crossing the street to get on or off the bus, always do so in front of the bus as opposed to behind it to ensure you are seen.

Although it is illegal for drivers to pass a school bus with flashing red lights that indicate children are getting on or off, some will do it anyway. Encourage your children to always look both ways and remember that if they can see a car coming, it doesn’t mean the driver of that car sees them. Always using the crosswalk is a good way to practice safety.
Riding the school bus is a fun time for kids, as long as they keep it safe, it should be a fun time for parents, too!

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