Tips for Using Facebook for Your Business

By now you have probably gotten used to the idea of the Internet and the basics of social media. Facebook, being the first of the social media revolution, really set the path for the future standards for social media use. In this generation, it is normal to share your personal photos, thoughts and opinions all over the Internet and to engage in conversation and debate with people you may or may not have ever met before. For a business owner, this can be a tricky thing. Are you using Facebook in the best way possible?



When it comes to your business, making a profit is obviously one of your top priorities. The best way to do that successfully and guarantee your customer keeps coming back for more? Form relationships. Facebook has changed the way people form and maintain relationships and so should the way your business does. With it being “World Communication Week” this is the perfect time to go over some rules for using Facebook.

• Use your Facebook to stress building relationships – don’t bombard your page with advertisements and profit-driven agendas.
• Invite business associates to become your friends- customers, prospective customers, and any other work-related relationships you might have or be developing.
• Join business-related groups and “like” pages that are directly related to your business.
• Comment and “like” related businesses, individuals and pages to build awareness of your personal page and build your social community.
• Post interesting and insightful posts – you don’t always need to be posting about your business or other profit-driven messages. It’s good to post relevant articles, quotes or images. They are more likely to become shared and thus expand your reach and awareness of your brand.

Remember, Facebook provides amazing opportunities to research your client base and understand their needs better. Use Facebook to your advantage by seeing what interests your customers, both current and future. When used the right way, this social media tool can be one of the largest communication assets to your business.


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