Tips to Quit Smoking This “American Smokeout Month”

It comes as no surprise that smoking is bad for your health. While that fact is undisputed, it does not make it any easier for a smoker to kick the habit. Unfortunately, tobacco is addictive and those who smoke have a very difficult time quitting, no matter how much they want to. November is “Great American Smokeout Month” in the United States. Every year, this year being the 37th, the American Cancer Society encourages smokers to use the date of November 15 to make a plan to quit… or quit all together!


November is a vital part of the plan – quitting is hard. Using November to come up with a plan to quit and gain the momentum and support you need is integral to successfully quitting. The benefits on your health and wellness are unprecedented, but that does not make it any easier for you to quit.

To help you, here are some tips that are proven to help:
• Believe in yourself- believing you can quit puts you on the right path.
• Write down a list of why you want to quit – this will help you visualize your personal benefits and boost your drive to quit.
• Make all of your family and friends aware of your plans – their support is exactly what you need to keep going on the days you want to give up.
• Talk with your doctor- your physician can offer you the guidance and support you need to help you quit once and for all.
• Learn what it is that triggers you to want to smoke- and attempt to avoid those triggers if you can.
• Exercise regularly – this will help to relieve stress and help your body begin to recover from all of the years you have been a smoker.
• Drink a lot of water- this will help you flush the nicotine out of your system and help to reduce your cravings.
• Decide whether you need to cut back gradually or quit cold turkey—and then do it!

The road to quitting once and for all will not be an easy one, but with the right support and a plan of action you can do it! Envision yourself as a non-smoker and plan a little celebration for yourself when you finally do kick the habit for good! You know smoking is bad for your health, now you just need to make a plan to get rid of the harm and bring in the good! Make this “Great American Smokeout Month” your most successful yet and quit this year!


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