The Local Economy Needs You!

Small businesses in our area are the backbone and support system of our community. Small businesses provide assistance to local shelters, charities and community aides that benefit our area that we live in.


Small businesses are not only essential to our community, but are also significantly important to our local municipal economy as well.


Two out of three every new job is created by a local business. This means that you, or someone you know is employed by a small business. When you purchase from a small business, you essentially invest into your community that you live in. If you are going to buy a product or service, why not help others and yourself by buying local.


We are fortunate enough to offer great opportunities to you, by offering discounts on services and products. Simply go to our website, click on the “Shop & Save Locally” tab and view our partners. Not all of our partners offer discounts but many do!


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