Trick or Treat!

Today is Halloween! Candy, costumes and a fun evening of trick or treating!


Although we like to give out candy, receive candy and have a good time… we also need to keep safety in mind. Follow these 5 helpful safety tips to keep your family safe and happy this Halloween!


1)   Stay visible. It’s always a smart idea to take a flashlight and hang glowing lights around your children’s neck. Cars will be moving along streets and you want to make sure you are seen!

2)   When in doubt, throw it out! If your child gets candy that doesn’t look normal or isn’t wrapped throw it in the trash. Do not eat anything that looks questionable.

3)   Look for the welcome signs. Hard to believe, but some folks just don’t have the Halloween spirit. Look for a porch light that is on, or traffic coming going to the house. Many people do recognize tonight, but you do have those that don’t want to be bothered.

4)   Costume Safety. Make sure your child’s costume isn’t going to drag on the ground so people can step on it and get hurt. Also, be aware of your child’s temperature when they are in costumes. Costumes can get hot inside; ask your child periodically how they are feeling.

5)   Phone Home. If your children are going out on their own to treat or treat… tell them to use that cell phone. Check up on them every once in a while!

Happy Halloween!


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