How much do you Really Know About St. Patrick’s Day?

St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday celebrated every year on March 17th to celebrate the national apostle of Ireland, Saint. Patrick. Saint Patrick lived during the fifth century. However, Saint Patrick was not born in Ireland, he was born in Roman Britain. At the age of 16, he was kidnapped and brought to Ireland. Once Saint Patrick escaped, his legend is bringing Christianity to all of his people.

So where does the three leaf clover tie into Saint Patrick’s day? Saint Patrick incorporated the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) into a three-leaf clover that is symbolic of Saint Patrick’s Day, the shamrock. St. Patrick’s Day was not celebrated in the United States until 1762, when Irish soldiers marched through New York City. This is known as the first American St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Today, hundreds of parades are held all around the United States to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

But Saint Patrick’s Day isn’t only celebrated in North America; it is celebrated all around the world. Other locations around the world such as Russia, Singapore, and Japan, take part in the St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

It was not until recently that Ireland incorporated alcohol into St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Originally, St. Patrick’s Day was dedicated as a religious holiday and was celebrated with a family feast, much like Christmas or Easter is celebrated. In 1955, the Irish government sparked interest in increase tourism in Ireland to increase the St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

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