North Carolina Business Cyber Protection

The “Heartbleed Bug” that many IT business specialists warned us about has done a lot of damage. Even though there have been devastating results, many people haven’t checked to see if they were affected by the bug.

77 percent of businesses have not checked to see if their security systems were breached. While out of those 23 percent of businesses that have checked, most haven’t done much to amp-up their security other than change a few passwords.

Any business is vulnerable to security breaches and could compromise confidential information. Furthermore, every website can be infected or compromised without bring awareness to anyone, the owner or the consumer of the website. In plain terms, information can be compromised through any business transaction or communication.

What can you do? Simple. Make sure you have the right Business Insurance Policy.

North Carolina Business Insurance Policies can offer Cyber Protection to you and your company if you have the right policy. You want to make sure you know what you’re paying for month to month to ensure that you are covered properly.

While its easy to have insurance with someone who will offer you extremely low rates and can get you insured quickly, that doesn’t always mean that it will protect you like you need it to. Having the right insurance policy is important to you and to us. Your protection is worth more than a short 15-minute abrupt conversation that will get you nothing more than a pre-made policy that will not honor your business.

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