North Carolina Contractor Insurance

If you’re a North Carolina Contractor, Insurance should be a tool in your tool belt that you hope not to use often. Although you don’t plan to use it, you shouldn’t have to compromise and should expect a Insurance policy to accommodate your needs.

What exactly is Contractor Insurance? Great question and yes we can answer that for you!

A Contractor Insurance policy can include three parts to it, a portion to cover you, a section to cover the company and or person you are contracted to and an area to cover any member of the public affected directly by your work as a contractor. In each of the categories, accidental damage caused to equipment and property and full liability protection covering medical, legal and compensation cost are and should be included.

Clearly, this is a great policy to have if you’re a Contractor. As the construction industries, Charlotte Residential Market and North Carolina business markets continue to grow, so will the need for Insurance coverage’s.

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