North Carolina Spring Storms

Spring storms can be very scary and destructive!

Be prepared and protected by reviewing our short checklist.

The following are steps you can take to be ready…

Evaluate Your Insurance Policy. Make sure that all information such as location addresses, size of the deductible, and the current insured value of both your contents and home are up-to-date.

Consider Your Need for Flood Insurance. Flood Insurance is for everyone not just for those who live in a flood plain! Call us to see which policy is best suit for you.

Keep-up Your Home Repairs. Your home is your biggest investment. Make sure that it’s in the best shape that it can be by inspecting your roof, gutters, and HVAC system.

Have an Emergency Kit. If you have to leave your home in a hurry, would you have the needs for your family? Emergency kits can be purchased but a list of the items that you and your family may need can be bought from local retailers around.

Communication Plans. Every family member may not be in the same location when bad weather hits. Therefore, make sure that everyone has a reliable cell phone and a list of contacts. Contact someone who is not in the immediate area that bad weather is coming so if they do not receive contact from you they will know that you need help.

Our Insurance agents know that you and your family’s safety are much more important than saving a few dollars each month with insurance policies that will not protect you properly. Contact us today to get the right protection.

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