Tax Filing Made Easier?

Tax time in almost upon us!


Yes, that dreadful part of the year where we all have to collect records and paperwork for everything from the year before is here.


This year it’s all about working smarter, not harder with the help of your Smartphone. Below is a list of Apps that we suggest you taking a glance at to help you in your tax responsibilities!


1) Shoeboxed – digitize and archive receipts and other paper documents into a categorized, searchable, IRS-accepted database for easy access during tax time. You can snap photos of your receipts and email them in, or send hard copies to the company via mail for processing.

2) iDonatedit – Keeping track of non-cash charitable gifts can be a headache, but the IRS is increasingly asking for receipts and documentation of such donations. Enter iDonatedIt, which saves receipts, provides value estimates (although you’ll still need an independent appraisal for anything worth more than $5,000), and allows you to store photos of donated items.


3) Tax Caster –This app offers an easy way to get a quick-and-dirty-estimate of what your tax refund will look like. Enter some basic information such as your income, filing status, and projected withholdings, and the app will spit back its best guess at how much money Uncle Sam owes you.


4) Ask a CPA – you know all those tax questions you always wanted to know the answer to but were afraid to ask? This app has your answer. Sort by category and question to find thousands of questions answered by real CPAs.


5) IRS2Go – After you’ve filed, use this app to check your refund status. Enter your Social Security number, filing status and anticipated refund, and the app will tell you whether your return has been processed and when you can expect to receive the refund.


During this hectic time of the year, we are here for you!


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