Top Summer Road Trip Planning Tips

Road trips in the summer time should be full of fun adventures. It’s highly suggested that drivers plan ahead of time lodging, fuel refills, rest stops and precise directions.

When going on a long distance trip by car, it’s important to plan lodging well in advance. A hotel or inn should be selected somewhere halfway between the departure point and the final destination. Drivers should get plenty of rest and sleep after spending most of the day on the road. It’s never recommended to drive well into the night on lengthy road trips. Sometimes, it might be necessary to reserve a room in a small inn or motel that’s conveniently located along a rural highway. It’s not worth driving an extra few hours in darkness just to reach a more luxurious hotel.

Road trip planning also requires careful consideration of rest stops. Gas stations should be located ahead of time, and they could serve as convenient stops for resting, refueling the vehicle and buying some food and other essential items. Running out of gas on a long distance drive is a real problem that drivers could face. A portable container full of the appropriate grade of fuel could be brought along. In some rural roads, it’s difficult to find any gas stations or rest stops on frequent intervals. Drivers should be prepared to drive for well over 100 miles and not see such facilities.

Roadside assistance is another important component of organized road trip itineraries. A flat tire or dead battery can be easily fixed by tow trucks that are operated by experienced drivers with mechanical capabilities and knowledge of local roads. Sometimes, a stalled vehicle might have to get towed to the nearest auto repair shop for immediate service. Therefore, safety inspections before a long drive are highly recommended.

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