What Type of Auto Insurance Coverage Do I Need?

Driving is an important part of everyday life because if we couldn’t drive then we would not be able to make it to work, school, or run errands in town. Especially in areas where public transportation is non-existent, driving is crucial. What type of car you buy is important, but also what type of auto insurance coverage you have is essential in maintaining your safety. Auto insurance protects motorists financially from being fully responsible in automobile accidents. The cost of auto insurance varies for different drivers based on things including gender, age, driving record, marital status, and type of vehicle. Typically age plays one of the largest parts in deciding what a motorist will pay for auto insurance. Young, inexperienced drivers are more costly to insure because of higher risks. The basic types of coverage options in North Carolina are: liability, medical, collision, and comprehensive. Specialty types of auto insurance coverage include antique automobiles, high performance cars, and classic cars
Bodily injury liability and personal property liability coverage’s pay for what you are financially responsible for after the accident. It is important to have good liability coverage because medical bills can be extremely expensive and be a financial burden.
Medical coverage is provided to protect the driver and occupants of the uninsured vehicle.
Collision insures the owner from a loss during a collision with another vehicle or stationary objects such as trees, bridges, street poles, etc. Collision will typically pay for the vehicle to be fixed or replaced.
Comprehensive coverage pays for damage to your car. For example if your car is destroyed by a fire, dented by a rock, vandalized, damages caused by hail/flood damage, or stolen then this would fall under the category of comprehensive. This is protection from damage caused by other things besides collision.

Auto Insurance can be a difficult thing to understand and that is why it is best visit our website or call Spivey Insurance Group at 704-821-4460 to speak with an agent to receive a free quote.

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