Umbrella Policy: Is it worth it?

It’s that time of year again. Weather is warming up, weekend cookouts are happening, and pools are being opened. We can all appreciate spending quality time with our family and friends, but we must think about keeping everyone safe. Just because you have a homeowner’s insurance policy doesn’t mean that it protects you from someone getting hurt on your property. If someone does get in an accident on your property, you are responsible! No one intends on getting hurt at a get together, but accidents are unpredictable. The more people you have at a party, the greater the chance of an accident happening.

Umbrella policies provide extra coverage when your regular insurance policy is maxed out. Basically, umbrella insurance policies are a $1 million liability policy that protects you from liability issues that go beyond the liability limits of standard insurance policies. Umbrella insurance can provide extra financial coverage for policies such as your homeowner’s insurance, car insurance, etc. No one knows what the future holds and unfortunately, sometimes people end up in a situation where they lose many of their assets due to an accident. Without having an umbrella policy, you take the risk of getting sued and accruing serious financial costs if something goes wrong. Don’t let the rain ruin your parade. Stay protected with extra coverage provided by an umbrella policy.

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